# Welcome to Runfile

Runfile is a command line utility and a Ruby library that helps you create feature-rich command line utilities for your projects.

You create a Runfile, and execute commands with run command arguments -and --flags.

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If you are familiar with Ruby's Rake, or with Makefile, then the concept of Runfile should be familiar to you.

Under the hood, Runfile makes use of the Docopt library, so that you can define your command's argument in an intuitive way.

For example, the below usage methods uses a docopt string, to define a command named greet with one required argument (<name>) and one optional flag ([--color]).

usage  "greet <name> [--color]"

# What is Runfile

Runfile is:

  1. A command line utility named run
  2. A Domain Specific Language (DSL) in the form of Ruby methods, to help you define your program's behavior.

A simple Runfile looks like this:

usage  "greet <name>"
help   "Say hello to <name>"
action :greet do |args|
  puts "Hello #{args['<name>']}" 

And this Runfile can be executed by running:

$ run
  run greet <name>
  run (-h|--help)

$ run greet you
Hello you

# Examples

The GitHub repository of Runfile contains many documented examples, showing different aspects of its functionality.

Open Examples

# Installation

Runfile comes as a Ruby gem and is primarily designed for Ruby developers.

To install Runfile, run:

$ gem install runfile